PBIS for the Burrillville Middle School Broncos

3R’s = Respectful, Responsible & Ready to Learn

What is PBIS?

PBIS – or Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports– is a research-based model of teaching and supporting positive behaviors to meet the needs of ALL students. Common routines and uniform language with respect to appropriate school behaviors are consistent throughout the school. There is a focus on building a safe and positive environment where all students can learn. As a result, instructional time is more effectively used for teaching and the school climate is more conducive to learning.

PBIS is based on the 3R’s – Respectful, Responsible & Ready to Learn

Throughout the school year, students will be taught how to behave according to the 3 R’s. Staff will help students learn what the three expectations mean in all areas of the school.

Respectful - how to kindly give and accept feedback, listen well, keep hands and feet to self, keep voice at an appropriate volume, listen carefully, raise hand, include others, keep bathrooms, hallways, and buses clean, follow adult directions and take pride in your building and respect school property

Responsible - ask for help, respect the differences of others, own your actions, try your best, go directly to your destination, arrive on time

Ready-to-Learn - follow directions, be prepared with materials and agenda, complete classwork and homework on time, return promptly to class, stay on task, and engage in positive participation.

Addressing Inappropriate Behaviors

Despite clear, consistent expectations and positive acknowledgments, children sometimes engage in behavioral infractions. When this occurs, appropriate and predictable consequences will be issued. Within PBIS, discipline issues are divided into major and minor infractions. Major infractions are issues that result in administrative decision-making and may require parent/guardian notification. Minor infractions are behaviors that are disruptive to the learning environment but are handled by the supervising staff member. Disciplinary data will be carefully tracked and patterns will be identified so that additional PBIS practices and systems can be implemented to support ALL students.

Parents/ Guardians and PBIS

PBIS is most effective when there is a strong partnership between home and school. Please visit the BMS website for more information. Please support PBIS at BMS by reviewing the 3 R’s with your child and asking your child about positive choices that were made at school. The BMS Mustang 3R’s can be adapted for home use, too! Take a few minutes with your child to discuss positively stated observable behaviors that demonstrate respect, responsibility, and readiness during homework, at mealtime, chores, at the movies, or anywhere around town!